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The World’s Best Alternative Surfing Spots

Surfers are a strange lot really. Willing to travel the world, surfboard in tow, put up with treacherous conditions all for one goal; to ride the perfect wave. And the problem is that the perfect wave could be anywhere, but it’s a guarantee that once a place with a good break has been found it doesn’t stay secret for long. Places like Miami, Indonesia and California can all be overcrowded during the hotter months which can detract from the beauty and idealism of being at one with the ferocity of Mother Nature which surfing gives you. Here are some of the best less crowded surf spots in the world.

Biarritz – Although France’s famous surf beach is incredibly well known and well visited, the water itself is never too crowded. Winning numerous awards for the excellent standard of accommodation and restaurants, Biarritz takes a great deal of pride in its tourism industry and this is reflected in the quality of things on offer to you. The surf schools are good, the hire shops are numerous and the hospitality is second to none. The area can be quite expensive because of its chic nature and the restaurants along the waterfront will charge more than the less touristy areas, so head for these if you’re holidaying on a budget. But with high temperatures and good, consistent waves, Biarritz is a surfer’s paradise and one not to be missed.

Croyde – The small Devon town of Croyde and its other nearby beaches is a great spot for surfers. In stark contrast to Cornwall’s overcrowded Newquay, which on some days can have waves so full of people it’s simply not safe to surf, Croyde, Saunton and Woolacombe all have good, regular breaks and are not too crowded in summer. Croyde is better for experienced surfers but okay for beginners, just beware that on windy days the waves can get quite dumpy, where they literally rise up and dump down powerfully on the break, which for an inexperienced surfer can be dangerous. Saunton is perfect for beginners with a long shallow beach providing long easy waves on most days. The town of Croyde itself is nice and you’ll find the usual array of hire shops and surf schools right on the beachfront.

The Philippines – One of the lesser known surf spots but being made up of 7,107 islands makes for a huge amount of coast and, therefore, some great waves. Not as good quality waves as places like Miami or Indonesia, but so uncrowded that you can have a wave to yourself, which is both a thing of rarity and beauty given surfing’s popularity today. Check out San Fernando, Catanduanes, Baler and the Surigao Islands for some good breaks, but beware that surf hire shops can be hard to find so travelling with your own gear is ideal. And don’t forget to take out adequate travel insurance with a reputable provider such as Go Travel before you hit the beach as all water sports can be dangerous.

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Avoid Conflicts when you Travel for the Holidays

Everyone should take care of their own children during a gathering for the holidays. This is to prevent issues that arise when different parenting styles are in play. Make sure your children understand before you travel for the holidays that you expect them to follow the same rules they have at home regardless of what other children there will be allowed to do. This will help to prevent confusion and frustration for everyone involved in the gathering for the holidays. Avoid Conflicts when you Travel for the Holidays


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